Fixed Cost Process

This Fixed Cost Model assists you in determining the precise ultimate cost of your project. The more you plan for your business, the better the results will be.


Establish Contact

Create a connection Our initial conversation is used to develop a shared interest.

Recognize the concept/idea

By understanding your business, we can tackle any of the projects and do it justice.

On a granular level, refine the concept.

The amount of detail examined in a model where the process is determined.

Finalize the user journey, business model, and concept's future phases.

The project's concept is investigated and developed.

Agree on the Results and the Expected Range

We work on a project quotation and a technology agreement.



Make a detailed statement of work (SOW).

A thorough scope document will convey the tale of the work we want to perform and will improve our connection.

Acceptance of the Project

Giving the project the go-ahead to go onto the development phase.

Allocation to a Team

Organizing the required human resource efforts and work distribution.

Project Kick-Off

The launch meeting is a crucial part of organising your web development project.

Project Timeline Plan

Organizing the project and estimating the duration.


Wireframing/Blueprint Sketches

We develop a rough visual representation of a website's foundation.


At various phases, the product is tested and assessed, and necessary adjustments are made.

UI/UX Development

Our design aids in gaining customer trust and encouraging them to Utilize your app.


A continuous process of developing and polishing a website.



Milestone Based Development

Development based on Milestones Every project has phases and milestones, and we make sure that we meet the objectives at each step before moving on to the next.


We work hard to evaluate our project in order to make it a huge success.

Beta Version Completion

To develop a better version, we collect input from the team and test it.

Internal QA Cycles

After the first release, examine user comments and data.


First Review

Providing a website design and development quality assurance checklist.

Alpha Version Development

Only internal users are allowed to do this task.

Second Review

We verify that the program is error-free before moving on to the deployment phase.



Packages for Annual Maintenance

Our low-cost annual maintenance plan gives you a lot of flexibility.

Digital Marketing Packages for Basics

Our Online Marketing Packages provide the best value for money when it comes to increasing traffic and attracting new customers.