Product Engineering

Cutting-edge product engineering solutions, optimizing design, development, and manufacturing processes for innovation and market success.

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Brain storming

Digital Elliptical team will perform an in-depth study of the system in conjunction with the customer to ensure that the client's vision and the project are clearly sketched out.

Market research

After gaining a thorough knowledge of the system via numerous brainstorming sessions, the team will perform market research that includes industry trends and competition analysis. This will aid in determining the system's future scope.

Feasibility report

The feasibility study will allow the client to understand the technical side of the system. The report will be comprised of the technical and the system architecture.

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Risks and mitigation

The team will set out all conceivable hazards and their related mitigation measures based on the market research.

SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis will be a consolidated report of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the system based on the conducted market research.

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After gaining the complete understanding of the system, the scope of work will be documented which will be comprised of detailed explanation of the modules and sub modules of the system.

Execution road map

Based on the documented scope of work, the project manager will divide the entire execution of the system into cycles which will be delivered to the client.

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Development based on cycles

The development team will begin the execution of each cycle while keeping the road map in mind.

Cycle review

Post completion of each cycle, the development team will unit test the features that are developed as a part of the cycle.

Beta version release

The cycle's beta version will be released.

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Beta version review

Providing a quality assurance checklist for system design and development.

Alpha version development

The team will improve the system to get it suitable for launch based on the evaluation and comments.